School Mission: 

Excellence Through Education


"Creating Character Enhances Success"



The Russell County School System will enable students to become productive, life-long learners, and active participants in a world-wide community.

To become a community of leaders that recognize, honor and celebrate the leaders in each of us…

We will …

Love learning

Excel in all we do

Achieve goals together

Do what is right

  School History & Demographics


     Copper Creek Elementary School was built in 1953 and additions were added in 1958 and again in 1963.  It is located on a nine acre site in a rural area of Russell County.  In the summer of 2010 a third renovation project was completed adding new windows, heating and cooling units, ceilings lowered, asbestos removable and new tile placed in each of the classrooms.

     Copper Creek Elementary School houses Pre-K and Kindergarten with an enrollment of 121 students for the 2014-2015 school year.  Many of the students attending Copper Creek are living at or below the poverty level with  79 % receiving free or reduced lunches.  Many parents have not completed high school and 80% of students are living in single parent homes or with a grandparent or other extended family members.

     In accordance with the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT, all teachers are certified in the areas in which they are teaching.  All aides and support staff are also highly qualified as well.  There are 57% of all teachers at Copper Creek with advanced degrees which include a Reading Specialist, Math Specialist, Master of Education PK-6, and two teachers with MS Administration and Supervision K-12.  Student teacher ratio is 17:1.  The average age classroom teachers is 42 and average years of teaching experience is 11 years. 

     In 2005 Copper Creek Elementary received its first 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant.  This grant has provided an active After School Program, Before School Reading Buddies Program for Remediation, as well as tremendous Summer Enrichment Programs.  These programs have incorporated arts, music, dance, recreation, technology, robotics, character education, and health and wellness.  The grant has assisted in many learning programs, tools, and supplementary materials for our school.  It has most recently provided a Naturalistic Playscape and Outdoor Classroom for our students.  The 21st Century Community Learning Center provides a safe haven for students after school and provides them with learning and enrichment, an evening meal, and transportation.  In cooperation with community partners, students receive services from area museums, take field trips, and take part in student assemblies.  More than 65% of the student population takes part in the 21st Century Programs offered at Copper Creek Elementary School.


     For the previous ten years, Copper Creek Elementary School Association of Parents and Teachers (APT) were very active.  The APT was an active organization of parents and teachers working together for the betterment of the school.  Funds were raised each year which provided financial assistance to the school in needed areas such as playground equipment, audio-visual equipment, books for our library and other school improvements.  In the fall of 2011, the organization was unable to establish significant participation and is in the process of rebuilding and soliciting membership to become active once again.  The school does have an active Volunteer Program which assists teachers and staff on a regular basis.  

     Copper Creek Elementary School teachers have participated each year in the Russell County Schools Business Partnership Program.  Teachers write mini-grants to supplement the school’s general fund for supplies for teachers and students in the classrooms.  Many of the teachers have written other mini grants to provide materials for the classroom as well.  Presently, Copper Creek Elementary houses seven classrooms:  three Pre-K classes, four Kindergarten classes, a fully equipped Computer Lab, Library, one multi- purpose classroom for Speech and PALS Remediation, Cafeteria, and two offices.